Need of Uniform State Fire Prevention Laws

Issue 23 and Volume 79.

Need of Uniform State Fire Prevention Laws Hazard of Unregulated Communities Outside of Cities and Towns— Uniform State Building and Fire Prevention Regulation Would Prevent Loss UNIFORM state fire prevention, and building lows are becoming more and more of a necessity and movements to create such loses are being considered by many of the state fire chief’s and firemen’s organisations. In this paper the author cites California as an example of the evils arising from the lack of such legislation: In attempting to provide systematic fire prevention regulations by state legislation, the matter of fire protection should also be carefully considered. Certain broad indisputable facts must be borne in mind to give a clear understanding of the tremendous importance these subjects have, relative to the public welfare and the imperative need of state regulations on fire problems in general Need of Adequate State Fire and Building Laws It is vitally…

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