Issue 23 and Volume 79.

FALSE ALARMS SEND IT IN If you have a bit of news, Send it in; send it in; Or a joke that will amuse, Send it in. A story that is true, An incident that’s new; We want to hear from you— Send it in! DEFINING A TERM Editor, False Alarms: Can you explain to me the meaning of the fire department term, “Male Butt?” A CONSTANT READER. Answer: The illustration should make the meaning much clearer. The fireman who has lost contact with the earth has just received a “male butt.” “THE FIRE BRIGADE” Cling, clang, blickerty blang, Here comes the firemen brave; Klut, klut, spitity sput The motors roar and rave ; Ding, dong, the frantic gong Of hook and ladder brigade, The siren’s screech, the frenzied speech— The fire alarm is on. The whistles blow from factories near And great bells toll the zone, All traffic ceases,…

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