Issue 23 and Volume 79.

COURSE OF INSTRUCTION IN FIRE PROTECTION As GIVEN AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS SAFEGUARDING THE BUSINESS DISTRICT THIS twenty-fourth installment of the University of Illinois Course in Fire Prevention includes discussion on the paper on the above subject by Captain J. J. Conway, Superintendent, The Underwriters Salvage Corps, Cincinnati, Ohio, concluded in the last issue of FIRE ENGINEERING: MR. Gamber—I want to say that I have known Captain Conway for eight years. Captain Conway performed one of the greatest services for firemen, and especially his home city, Cincinnati, that has ever been performed by any fireman in the world. Years ago Captain Conway started in Cincinnati when the rates of insurance there were something like nine or ten dollars per capita per year. Captain Conway took the matter in hand and today Cincinnati enjoys the lowest fire insurance rate of any city of its size in the world. That’s the…

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