Result of Two Standards of Hose Threads

Issue 23 and Volume 79.

Result of Two Standards of Hose Threads Five steamers tied up at Buffalo, N. Y., due to the formation of ice on the lakes, carry extra equipment as the result of the disimilarity of hose threads in Detroit and Buffalo, the two terminals of the boats’ runs. Each of the boats that is docked, belong to the Cleveland & Detroit Steamship Company. The crafts are equipped with two separate sets of Siamese connections for sprinklers. When the vessels dock at Buffalo, the starboard side is next to the wharf and when they dock at Detroit, the port side is near the land. Accordingly the Detroit Siamese connections on the port side are so situated that the Detroit Fire Department can make-up from the wharf. This is likewise true of the Buffalo Fire Department operating from the starboard side of the steamers. Because the hose threads of the two cities are…

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