Riker’s Island, Serious Fire Hazard

Issue 24 and Volume 79.

Riker’s Island, Serious Fire Hazard The seriousness of the fire hazards at Riker’s Island, within the limits of New York city, was pointed out to the State Commission on Prisons by Frank E. Wade, commissioner. He called attention to the fact that if a fire started in the present combustible buildings, that most of the buildings and the standpipe would be destroyed. There is some protection from the fire alarm system, fireproof doors and from the fire department manned by the inmates. No fire engine is kept on the island, and when a new dock and ferry are completed, it will he possible to ferry fire apparatus over from 134th street to the island. The present water pressure is thirty-four pounds and it was stated that it would likely fail when needed. The pressure drops to seventeen pounds when the hydrant is opened. The island, which is in the East…

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