Issue 1 and Volume 80.

FALSE ALARMS TACT WAS REQUIRED The captain of the village fire brigade was enjoying himself tremendously and the party he was giving was going like a well-oiled clockwork. But just at the most inopportune moment a fire broke out. “Can’t ’elp it !” said the captain to the panting individual who had brought the news. “I can’t go to no fire tonight— I’m giving a party!” “But you surely aren’t going to shirk your duty because of that ?” said the man in tones of great surprise. “No, it ain’t so much that. But I can’t show the missus up in front of ’alf the neighborhood. Every one in the ’ouse ’as been admirin’ ’er new coal scuttle in the drawin’ room—and it’s my ’elmet.” —London Tid-Bits. NO NEED TO HURRY The following story is told of a fireman out in Indianapolis who was badly stricken with love. As they…

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