Gas Shut-Off Valves Reduce Fire Hazard

Issue 2 and Volume 80.

Gas Shut-Off Valves Reduce Fire Hazard Several Organizations Have Passed Regulations Concerning Their Design—Standards Adopted by New York City GAS Shut-off valves are now being discussed and considered by many fire chiefs throughout the country as a means of lowering the loss of life in fire and decreasing the hazard of fighting a fire in a location where there are open gas pipes. In its simple form, it consists of a metallic closed box mounted on the outside of a building. The door of this box is locked and the key is usually in charge of the fire department. A cable connects this box with the shut-off valve that is installed near the gas meter. The installation of these valves is so important a problem that rules have been formulated for this work by the Bureau of Standards, Washington, D. C., by the Underwriters’ Laboratories, Chicago, Ill., by the Associated…

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