Quartz Aids in Sprinkler Designs

Issue 2 and Volume 80.

Quartz Aids in Sprinkler Designs The use of fused quartz opens up new fields in automatic sprinkler design according to Dr. Berry, consulting engineer of the General Electric Company at Lynn, Mass. It has enabled the design of a sprinkler head that works upon the principle of a liquid within a glass capsule expanding from the heat of the fire, and fracturing the container so that the head would open and permit the flow of water. The fused quartz does not expand greatly when heated, and whatever expansion does take place, is from the liquid within the cansule, so that the force of the rupture is greater. The fused quartz is manufactured by heating a mass of rock crystal in an electric furnace at a very high temperature. In order to prevent the occurrence of bubbles, the mass is heated and then allowed to cool under the alternate application of…

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