Fire Shows New York Army Base Badly Protected

Issue 2 and Volume 80.

Fire Shows New York Army Base Badly Protected Governors’ Island Blaze Destroys Flimsy Barracks and Government Property—Hazard Source of Concern to New York Fire Department A FIRE of undetermined origin which started in the ceiling of a barracks in which a court martial was then being held on Governors’ Island, New York Bay, on January 5, at about four o’clock in the afternoon, destroyed four of thirty frame and corrugated iron one story structures, each 50 x 40C, deprived scores of soldiers of their quarters and their personal and official equipment, did $250,000 damage, and demonstrated again that the headquarters of the Department of the East of the United States Army, is not adequately nor efficiently equipped to combat a hazard which for many years has been a source of concern to the New York Fire Department. The island is irregular in size, 4,700 feet by 2,500 feet at its…

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