Removing the Rubbish Hazard

Issue 2 and Volume 80.

Removing the Rubbish Hazard The old fire chief believed that his job was one of fire extinguishment; the modern chief works along the lines of fire prevention. So too, in conformity with the modern chief’s ideas, thought is given to the removal of waste and rubbish by burning it in incinerators. A great many people burn their rubbish and paper in the heating boiler but boilers are not suitable for this service, especially when the boilers are being used in the heating season. In homes where oil burners are being used, it is impossible to use the boiler for burning rubbish. Many gas companies are selling gas fired incinerators. These devices are installed as though a hot water heater is connected to the boiler. The gas fired incinerator burns the material in the machine and no sparks or flames reach the top of the building. There is very little smoke…

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