Two Jailed for Theatre Violations

Issue 2 and Volume 80.

Two Jailed for Theatre Violations Through the activities of the Children’s Society in New York city, the door attendant and the cashier of a motion picture theatre were arrested for selling tickets to and allowing three boys under age to enter the theatre unaccompanied by an adult. The doorman, nineteen, and his wife, the cashier, were remanded for sentence for conviction in the court of Special Sessions. The attorney asked that the two serve jail sentences, but the judge said that this would be an injustice because of their age and because the law is being violated all over the city. He said: “I think the owner of the theatre is to blame as it is his business to know whether the law is being broken by the employees. If the owner of this theatre is convicted before me I will gladly vote to send him to jail.” The serious…

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