Ex-Comm. Fancher of Binghamton Dead

Issue 2 and Volume 80.

Ex-Comm. Fancher of Binghamton Dead Alvin D. Fancher, formerly fire commissioner of Binghamton, N. Y., died at his home in Binghamton following a long illness. A most unusual tribute to his memory was that paid by a group of seventeen children from the Day Nursery to whom he was greatly attached. They attended the funderal services in a body and in addition sent a floral piece. Wreaths were also sent by the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs and by the Fabric Hose Company for which he was the local representative. Mr. Fancher was sixty-nine years old at the time of his death. He lived all his life in Binghamton and he is survived by his wife, two daughters and a son. He was a member of Masons, Elks, Improved Order of Redmen and for twenty years he was president of the Exempt…

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