The Latest — A Fire Patrol School

Issue 4 and Volume 80.

The Latest — A Fire Patrol School Chicago Fire Patrol Organizes School of Instruction for Officers and Men—A New and Unique Institution in This Field THE following article describes a unique departure in the field of fire patrol which will undoubtedly have a farreaching effect in increasing the efficiency of this branch of fire service. No doubt the Chicago school, the first of its kind, will later be followed by similar institutions in other cities which have adopted systems of salvage at fires: The attendance at the first term of the School of Instruction for the Officers of the Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol has been very gratifying, as we have had, in addition to the officers and members of the Patrol, many of the officers of the Chicago Fire Department, together wiht several insurance men and others interested in fire prevention, control, extinguishment and salvage. The Up-to-Date School Rooms In…

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