Plan to Abolish “Still Alarms”

Issue 4 and Volume 80.

Plan to Abolish “Still Alarms” The end of the famous still alarm of fire is in sight. Some oi the still alarms are given by persons running to the nearest fire stations and informing the man on patrol of the location ot a fire. That idea is a good one. But the bulk of the “still alarms are given by persons discovering a blaze and telephoning its location to Fire Headquarters. Many of the telephone calls have led to confusion, owing to the number of streets similar in name. Commissioner Hultman of Boston, Mass., has inaugurated a new system that will tend to avoid such mistakes. He has instructed the operators at fire alarm to send the nearest apparatus upon receiving a telephone notification of a fire; but the operator must also tell the person sending the alarm to pull the nearest fire alarm box. This is a sure method…

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