Issue 4 and Volume 80.

OF INTEREST TO VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENTS RULES THAT WILL INCREASE THE EFFICIENCY OF ENGINE COMPANY Each Man in the Company Knows Just What to Do—There Is No Duplication of Work With the Attendant Confusion DO your daily dozen! Viewed in the critical light of basic fundamentals, the only difference between a volunteer fireman and the much prized snap and sureness of a paid fireman, is practice in the evolutions that go to make up his work so that in times of excitement, the action will be almost automatic. Of course a volunteer fireman has neither the time nor the opportunity to constantly train himself in the work, but the establishment of a set of regulations that will guide the men, and strict adherence to these rules, will do much to improve the efficiency of the volunteer fire department, and the work of the volunteer firemen. At the present time, FIRE…

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