Issue 4 and Volume 80.

COURSE OF INSTRUCTION IN FIRE PROTECTION As GIVEN AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS MODERN METHODS OF FIRE EXTINGUISHMENT IN this twenty-ninth installment of the University of Illinois Course in Fire Prevention. Mr. Rogers has given some constructive ideas on fire-fighting, extinguishment and protection : It is not often that the average layman, the men in business, the citizen of your community, pays much attention to the fire department. It is very seldom that they think of you and if a thought does come it is a fleeting one, except in the time of necessity, when a man’s house or his place of business is on fire, and then he gives a great deal of thought and attention to the fire department: but until that time comes you are not in his mind perhaps as much as you should be. Fire-Fighting Now on Scientific Basis He does not realize that your…

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