Plenty Fire-Fighters—No Apparatus

Issue 5 and Volume 80.

Plenty Fire-Fighters—No Apparatus A most unusual condition exists in Urbandale, Ia., a city that may be described as having plenty of firefighters but with no fire apparatus or equipment with which the men could work. The situation is very ably presented by a correspondent to a local paper who complains of the situation. “Shall the demon. Fire, continue its destructive way in our little city of Urbandale without more than ‘it’s too bad’ being done? At a recent fire there were plenty of volunteer fighters but alas not even a ladder. “True, a so-called ‘fire engine’ is owned by the town but at this time it is ‘roosting’ in a shed, minus the things which are needed to operate it. And only one or two citizens know how to run the darn thing when it is runable. God only knows what we’ll do when they die with the secret of…

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