Some Pointers in Testing Motor Fire Pumpers

Issue 5 and Volume 80.

Some Pointers in Testing Motor Fire Pumpers Three General Types of Pumps—Their Characteristics—Test Conducted Under Supervision of Underwriters’ Engineers—Pumpers Justify Purchase THE “acceptance test” of the newly-purchased pumper occupies so important a part in the adoption of the apparatus by the fire department, that the following article will he found of value to chiefs about to receive new machines for their departments: A brief discussion of the various types of fire apparatus, and of the methods of testing same will be of interest to chiefs of fire departments. Three Types of Pumps in Use There are three general types of pumps used on motor fire apparatus—rotary gear, centrifugal and piston. The rotary gear pump may be likened to a pair of ordinary spur gears having only a few teeth. The average size of these teeth is probably about 6“ in diameter and the working face 3“ or 4“. The centriftigal…

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