Ex-Chief Bundy of Watertown, Dead

Issue 5 and Volume 80.

Ex-Chief Bundy of Watertown, Dead H. C. Bundy, formerly chief of the fire department in Watertown, N. Y., and former superintendent of the fire alarm system died at his home at the age of fifty-nine. Death followed an illness of several months. Born in Black River, he came to Watertown while a young man. He learned the blacksmith trade and was employed at the New York Air Brake Company. Later he became a machinist. Mr. Bundy was in the fire service for thirty-one years—first as a volunteer fireman and finally as the head of the department. He joined the volunteers in 1889. In 1896 when a paid company of four men was formed as an auxiliary to the volunteers, Bundy was selected as its foreman. The volunteer organization was disbanded in 1900 and he was promoted to assistant chief engineer. He was in charge of the fire alarm system with…

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