Gillooly Now With Sterling Siren

Issue 5 and Volume 80.

Gillooly Now With Sterling Siren The Sterling Siren Fire Alarm Company of Rochester, N. Y., announce the appointment of Frank Gillooly, formerly with the Federal Electric Company, as sales engineer, with headquarters at 565 W. 181st St., in New York City. Mr. Gillooly will handle the sales of the Sterling sirens and the greater part of his time will be spent in building up a sales organization trained in the sales and installations of the Sterling code sirens and fire alarm systems. Earthquake in Mexicali Nearly Causes Fire—Serious fire in Mexicali was averted through the assistance given by Chief J. Aguilar Robles of Calexico, Cal., who rushed a 750-gallon pumper to the scene. A new pumper was rushed to the distressed city to cope with whatever emergencies that may have developed. Many Boxes Pulled for Lawrence, Mass., Fire—A good example of how one loses all power of reason at a…

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