Modern Fire Alarm Signalling

Issue 7 and Volume 80.

Modern Fire Alarm Signalling Planning an Industrial Fire Alarm Installation—Box Locations and Numbers THIS, the twenty-third article on fire alarm subjects, concludes the series of articles by Mr. Kcirstead on “Modern Fire Alarm Signalling.” Protection for Small Plants: Every small establishment should have at least one standard type municipal box installed on their premises, as near to the main gate or entrance as is possible. This box should be connected to the city or town alarm system. This box should be assigned a special number to denote its location, and while it will have to be purchased by the firm owning the factory or building it should be maintained by the city fire alarm department and not by the companies employers. The private box protection can be increased by the uses of auxiliary pull stations which may be located on each floor. The pulling of this box will set the…

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