Six Die in Ventura Oil Fire

Issue 7 and Volume 80.

Six Die in Ventura Oil Fire A blast in a charcoal burner of the General Petroleum Company at Ventura, Cal., resulted in an explosion that spread flames to the plant that covered an area of about one city block and caused the death of six men—twenty-one men were severely burned. The plant is located three miles outside of the city limits and its private fire protection consists of one pumper. A telephone call was sent to the fire department asking for aid. When the pumper arrived, the entire plant was ablaze, but the plant chief refused to permit the firemen to get close to the blaze for fear of a gasoline tank exploding. An explosion of one of the stills covered six men with burning oil so that the men were burned to death. Others received severe burns. One authority places the loss at §200,000.

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