Scaffolding on Skyscraper Makes Difficult Fire

Issue 8 and Volume 80.

Scaffolding on Skyscraper Makes Difficult Fire Falsework of Uncompleted Hotel at New York Burns Unchecked— No Siamese Conneetions for Standpipe—Elevators Out of Service A FIRE, starting from some unascertained cause on the 39th floor of the uncompleted forty story Sherry-Netherlands apartment hotel at the northeast corner of Fifth avenue and 59th street, gave the New York Fire Department one of the severest tests of its efficiency and after burning itself out in six hours and doing approximately $200,000 damage, caused one of the bitterest conflicts of opinion which ever engaged the attention of the officials of the city of New York. “The fire in its incipiency, could have been extinguished effectively with a garden hose, if there had been water available on the 39th floor” said Battalion Chief James T. Ferris to the writer several hours afterward. Ferris was the first chief officer to climb by stairway to the peak…

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