Check Ammonia Fumes With Water

Issue 11 and Volume 80.

Check Ammonia Fumes With Water Handling Large Fire Would Have Been Made Easier by Liberal Use of Water Around Ammonia Equipment THE fire described in the Department of Administration in the last issue of this journal was interesting in that it clearly indicates to just what extent the presence of ammonia may hamper the work of the fire department. The sketch herewith shows the layout of the property involved and surrounding the fire. The department in the city in which this fire occured consists of 18 engine companies, 5 hose companies, 12 truck companies and 1 water tower. Response to the first alarms at the location of this fire is as follows: (Company numbers assigned for convenience only). First alarm, Engine Companies Nos. 1, 2 and 3; Hose Co. No. 1; Ladder Co. No. 1, (aerial truck) ; Ladder Co. No. 2. Second alarm, Engine Cos. Nos. 4, 5 and…

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