We Ask the Salesman a Question

Issue 11 and Volume 80.

We Ask the Salesman a Question “IS your company adequately represented in the advertising pages of this issue of FIRE ENGINEERING? (Yes, sir; every salesman is directly concerned in this question.) The more your prospective customer knows in advance about the line you are selling, the easier it is to do business with him when you meet him face to face. Fire officials in cities and towns all over the map, most of them potential customers, are reading this issue of FIRE ENGINEERING today. If they see your advertising, if they are given opportunity to read your sales message, it is bound to simplify your problem considerably. Advertising helps to make sales! A well-edited specialized magazine like FIRE ENGINEERING becomes indispensable to its readers. It is a real tool of their trade, and they use it accordingly,— the editorial and the advertising pages equally. If you and if every salesman…

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