Reducing “Get-Away” Time

Issue 14 and Volume 80.

Reducing “Get-Away” Time Some places that are troubled by strong winds have a difficult task of making a quick get-away from the fire house, should an alarm come in, because the motor is cold. A correspondent to “Fire,” the English fire journal, suggests a method of utilizing the hot water heating system in the” fire station. line is run from the boiler under the floor and tapped at the points where the pipes are directly under the radiators of the apparatus. One tap is made to the hot water line and one to the return line for each piece of apparatus. By means of a pet cock and rubber tubing, the taps are temporarily connected to the radiator. In this manner there is a constant flow of hot water through the radiator, the engine is kept at a warm temperature and the oil is of such viscosity as to insure…

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