Issue 15 and Volume 80.

CONTENTS JULY 27, 1027 VOL. LX XX No. 15 Portland Fire Bureau—A Live Organization (Por traits-Illustrated) 761 History, Past and Present of the Convention City’s Fire Department. Fighting Gas Well and Oil Fires (Illustrated) ….. 763 Some Practical Suggestions Which Have Proven Their Worth in Practice. What Chance Have the Firemen? (Illustrated)…. 765 Automobiles Add to Danger of Fire Service. Big Crop of Amusement Park Fires (Illustrated) ….767 Flimsy Construction Responsible for Spread in Most Cases. Progress of Hose Thread Standardization, by P. E. Charnock …….769 What Has Been Accomplished Along This lane in New England. Smoky Fire Knocks Out New York Firemen, by Wm. Jerome Daly (Illustrated) …….771 Two Rig Mercantile Fires in New York City. How Albany, Ga., Won the Fire Preventbn Award (Illustrated) …..773 Chief Brosnan Tells of his Methods Which Won This Distinction for His City. Wholesale Produce Fire Well Handled (Illustrated) . . . 775…

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