New Pipe Holder

Issue 15 and Volume 80.

New Pipe Holder A number of Pacific Coast fire departments have adopted the Macgregor “Hose Conqueror,” a new piece of equipment which was invented by Wallace Macgregor of Berkeley, Cal., during the past year. Mr. Macgregor is the designer of the Macgregor Portable Monitor and Safety Stand which was first displayed to the nation’s chiefs’ convention at New Orleans last year. The “Hose Conqueror”, light and easily handled by one man with safety has appealed to the smaller departments especially, although a number of these pipe holders have been adopted by large city departments. Oakland, Cal., is now using five pieces. The apparatus can be left alone or be manipulated by directing the stream in any needed direction. Its base is arranged to support the apparatus with stability and safety. It is designed to permit the use of one or two hose lines with 1″, 1 1/8″, 1 1/4″ and…

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