Fighting Gas Well and Oil Fires

Issue 15 and Volume 80.

Fighting Gas Well and Oil Fires Some Practical Suggestions Which Have Proven Their Worth in Practice—Effective Method of Handling the Gas Well Fire GAS well and oil fires are closely linked. As a matter of fact, many oil field fires start with the ignition of gas blown off from the oil wells. Hence what may be said about handling the fire in the gas well will also be of value to those interested in oil fires. For many years gas well fires defied the forces attempting to extinguish them. But as time passed, and more engineers gave attention to the subject of gas well fire extinguishment, methods were devised and which are now proving satisfactory. They are not entirely new, but the methods of application differ. The Gas Well Fire Gas is discharged from oil wells and gas wells under very high pressure. In many cases it carries with it…

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