Another Newly Developed Foam System

Issue 15 and Volume 80.

Another Newly Developed Foam System Employs Two Ejectors and Uses Two Powders— Two Solutions so Formed Meet at Desired Point to Produce Foam AFTER many months of experimental work the National Fire Protection Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvnia, have developed and placed on the market a new foam generating system. Before starting with the development of their chemical ejectors, the company first investigated the question of foam and have been able to produce a very satisfactory product both from the standpoints of expansion and consistency, and almost a pure white in color. After having settled the foam question attention was turned toward developing the mixing apparatus, Bearing in mind that for years the chemicals used in foam systems have been dissolved before bringing together for mixing, in hand foam extinguishers, hand foam engine, and in stationary foam systems, the company worked along this line to produce apparatus which would give the…

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