Portland Fire Bureau—a Live Organization

Issue 15 and Volume 80.

Portland Fire Bureau—a Live Organization History, Past and Present, of the Convention City’s Fire Department—Well Disciplined and Efficient—the Fire Prevention Division THE City of Portland, Ore., was settled in 1845 and incorporated as a city during the year 1851, and had no fire department except a bucket brigade until 1870, when a volunteer fire department was organized. This lasted until January 1, 1883. It was then organized as a call department. The men responded to the alarm by a bell signal. The call days lasted from 1883 to June 1, 1904. The department was organized as a full paid unit in 1904. The First Chief of Portland The first chief of the old department was Tom Jordan. Chief Campbell was the first chief of the paid department. Civil service was enacted by legislature in 1903. I his placed the entire fire and police departments under civil service, with the exception…

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