Issue 15 and Volume 80.

FALSE ALARMS HIGHER LAW “Look at that woman cut in ahead of the chief down that side street. The chief ought to tell the police to take her number.” “He don’t dare,” replied the other fireman on the apparatus as he pulled on a rubber boot, “that’s his wife.” TIME WON’T WAIT In one of the fire stations in the heart of the business section, an officer with a most sarcastic and nasty temper was in charge. His fame spread far beyond the walls of the building, and many men in the service were happy and they were not stationed in this particular station. However, because of vacations, a fireman from an outlying company was sent to fill in. He was accustomed to the somewhat lax method of procedure of his previous officer. But the new superior soon set out to teach him how things should he done. Coming down…

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