Issue 16 and Volume 80.

FALES ALARMS IT WAS JUST AS GOOD Even firemen get a vacation, now and then. When Tom got his time off, he piled some old luggage in his ramshackled car and started for the open spaces of the west. It is too much to expect that tires will last on such a trip. In a rural village which boasted of a general store, one of his tires took a notion to expire. So in the colloquialism of the department, he entered the store and inquired of the clerk. “What have you in the shape of a tire.” The clerk thought a moment and replied. “Funeral wreaths, life preservers, invalid cushions and doughnuts.” FULLY PREPARED In one small city, the fire department consisted of a paid chief and a number of call firemen with paid drivers. A new fire chief was imported from among the officers of a nearby city. The…

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