Issue 16 and Volume 80.

INDUSTRIAL PLANT PROTECTION HOW BIG HYDRO-ELECTRIC PLANT IS PROTECTED AGAINST FIRE Special Provision for Safety Made in Huge Power Development Protection of Generator Suit Station has Hose and Hydrant Installation SPECIAL provision is made by the Pacific Gas & Electric Company in the protection of its property against fire. An example of this complete protection is found at the new Melones, Cal., hydro electric power plant as shown in the accompanying illustrations. Fig. 1 shows one of the fire stations mounted on a column in the generator room, consisting of a chemical extinguisher and a Pyrene extinguisher. These stations are arranged throughout the power plant at strategic points for quick grabbing in case of fire. Fig. 2 is a close up of one of the stations. At the right of Fig. 3 can be seen the water supply to the fire extinguisher mainfold located at the top and bottom of…

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