Ex-Chief of Camden, N. J., Dead

Issue 16 and Volume 80.

Ex-Chief of Camden, N. J., Dead Samuel F. Elfreth, many years chief of the fire department in Camden, N. J., died in Wildwood, N. J., where he had been spending the summer. Death was brought on by his advanced age of eighty years. Virtually his entire life was spent in firefighting, first as a volunteer fireman and later as a member of the paid department. He was a member of the Independents, a company in the northeastern section of the city. In 1869, Camden established a paid fire department and it was the custom at that time to elect a chief for a three year period. It was usually a toss-up as to whether Mr. Elfreth or a man named Bender would get the honor. In 1892 the citydecided to make the office a permanent one depending upon the good behavior of the chief. Elfreth was appointed in January of…

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