Issue 17 and Volume 80.

FALSE ALARMS CAUSE FOR TROUBLE The captain of an outlying company had received complaints from his men as to the quality of the soup served for dinner, and he decided to investigate. He went to the kitchen with one of the complainants to learn the cause. As each of the men stationed there contributed to the cost of having the meals prepared, it was imperative that there should be no dissatisfaction. After tasting the liquid in the pot, the captain said, “I can’t see why you men grumble. This is really excellent soup.” “We wouldn’t grumble, sir,” said the fireman, “if the fellow that made this stuff would only call this soup. He says it’s coffee.” THE START OF ARSON He was a sad young man, standing at the side of his rather delapidated Ford which had stalled on the highway. “Can you spare me some gasoline?” he asked of…

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