Practical Topics at Chiefs’ Convention

Issue 18 and Volume 80.

Practical Topics at Chiefs’ Convention Conclusion of Report of I.A.F.C. Portland Gathering—Much Discussion of Interest to Fire-Fighters FOLLOWING is the report, concluded from last issue, of the fifty-fifth annual contention of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, held at Portland, Ore., on August 9 to 13. This instalment begins with the Wednesday evening session: Wednesday Evening Program The first topic treated on the Wednesday evening program was “Fire Prevention” by B. F. Irvine, editor of the Oregon Journal. Mr. Irvine, who used to be a volunteer fireman, told of the many thrilling experiences he had in the service, and eulogized the work of volunteers as well as paid men. To emphasize the tremendous rate at which property is being destroyed by fire in this country, Mr. Irvine presented the following figures: $1,000 in buildings is burned up every minute; $60,000 every hour; $1,500,000 every day. And last year the total…

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