Reported Early—Firemen is Killed

Issue 18 and Volume 80.

Reported Early—Firemen is Killed Death of a New York city fireman is directly attributed to his faithfulness to duty. He was due to go on duty at 6 o’clock but as he was coming up the street towards the fire house, he saw the apparatus on its way to a fire. He jumped on the apparatus and rode to the alarm with other members of his company on the other shift. This fireman was a nozzleman. The alarm was caused by a small fire in a building that was being erected. Either, in the dark the fireman came in contact with a high tension wire, or he came in contact with a stray current on the wet scaffold on which he stood. In the rush to ride to the fire, the fireman was not equipped with the customary rubber boots. The nozzleman was one of the first ready to work.…

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