Grass Fire Results in Big Blaze

Issue 18 and Volume 80.

Grass Fire Results in Big Blaze Takes Lumber Piles First. Then Three Dwellings in a Row, and Finally a Motor Bus Factory FIRES involving large plants with no private fire protection, and located in suburbs of medium or large cities usually develop into serious problems. The fire described in this issue of the series on administration is no exception. It occurred in a city of approximately 35,000 population located in the central section of the country. The water supply in the neighborhood of the property involved was deficient, there being but one long 8 inch main and one 6 inch main supplying three available hydrants. The property in the neighborhood of the fire is shown in the sketch herewith. The department in the city in which this fire occurred consists of three engine companies equipped with combination pumpers and hose cars; 1 quadruple combination, which includes a pumper, chemical and…

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