Firemen Hurt in Trolley Crash

Issue 18 and Volume 80.

Firemen Hurt in Trolley Crash While riding to a fire, seven New York city firemen were injured when their truck was struck by a trolley car in Brooklyn. The crash threw all of the firemen from the truck and one of the men suffered from a compound fracture of the left leg. The truck was responding to a fire of minor importance. Old Forge, N. Y., Receives New Pumper—A FoamiteChilds pumper has been delivered to Old Forge, N. Y. Siren Installed in Sheridan, Ore.—A Sterling siren has been installed in Sheridan, Ore. N. McIntyre is chief of the department. Fire Losses in Berkeley, Cal., Reduced—The report of the fire department of Berkeley, Cal., for the first six months of 1927 showed that the fire losses in the city have been reduced thirty-six per cent. Fire Alarm Decreases Fire Losses—Last year. Mesa, Ariz., installed a Gamewell fire alarm system consisting of…

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