Issue 18 and Volume 80.

INDUSTRIAL PLANT PROTECTION PROTECTION AGAINST FIRE IN THE INDUSTRIAL PLANT Steps That Should be Taken by the Plant Chief to Prevent the Occurrence of a Serious Fire—How to Care for Equipment IT is no more than natural that in thinking of fire protection that automatic sprinklers come to mind. Sprinklers to be most efficient must be properly installed, maintenance must be perfect, and a good water supply furnished. Water supply from two distinct sources is important. Many sprinkler systems which on installation gave good protection, have been seriously crippled by rearrangement. A partition may be run close to a line of heads with the result that while the one side has more than ample protection the other has little or none, on account of the wide space intervening. Such a condition can sometimes be remedied by cutting away a section of the partition opposite the sprinkler head, the size of…

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