Have You a Volunteer Salvage Corps?

Issue 18 and Volume 80.

Have You a Volunteer Salvage Corps? Capt. Win. Paul Babcock of the Nyack Fire Patrol of Nyack, N. Y., is compiling a list of volunteer fire companies or departments that are doing, salvage work. In order that this list might be as complete as possible, those knowing of such companies or departments are asked to communicate the information to Mr. Babcock. When the information has all been collected, it will be published and made available to other departments. New Haven Conn., to Erect Fire Station—A contract has been awarded for the erection of a new fire station in New Haven, Conn., at an established cost of 535,000. Siren Installed in Canton, N. Y.—A Gamewell fire siren has been installed in Canton, N. Y. It will be controlled by boxes placed in various sections of the city. Trenton, N. J., Headquarters Almost Completed—The new fire department headquarters of Trenton, N. J.,…

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