Keep Sprinklers in Working Order

Issue 18 and Volume 80.

Keep Sprinklers in Working Order Some Causes and Corrections for Unsatisfactory Operation of Automatic Sprinkler Systems—Essential Fire-Fighting Device LIKE all automatic devices, the sprinkler system requires the supervision and care of the human brain and hand to attain and retain its proper efficiency and be ready for the emergency which it is intended to meet and control. Chief McAuliffe makes some valuable suggestions for heads of fire departments along this line: Of all fire protection devices, an automatic sprinkler equipment installed according to sound engineering principles and maintained in an approved manner, is the most valuable. Protective devices are numerous but all are designed to perform one or more of three functions. These are to discover fire, to retard fire and to extinguish fire. For example, an automatic fire alarm may discover, an incombustible partition may retard and a pail of water may extinguish fire, but few protective devices perform…

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