Wooden Shingles-Conflagration Breeders

Issue 20 and Volume 80.

Wooden Shingles-Conflagration Breeders Absolute Prohibition of Their Use as Roof Covering the Only Safe Plan—How Final Abolition Can be Accomplished IT seems incredible that anyone would oppose the prohibition by law of the inflammable wooden shingle as a roof covering, and yet, so strong is the power in certain sections of the country of the interests which would suffer commercially from such inhibition, that it seems almost impossible to pass legislation to bring about this much desired result. Chief Allen points out some important reasons why the wooden shingle should be banished as a roof covering: Hazard of the Wood Shingle Year after year, more and more general recognition is being accorded to the hazard of the wooden shingle by the people throughout this entire country, due to the publicity it forces upon the public by the part it plays in our conflagrations and as a destroyer of homes. Just…

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