Issue 21 and Volume 80.

INDUSTRIAL PLANT PROTECTION PLANT HOUSEKEEPING OF VALUE IN REDUCING FACTORY FIRE FIRE LOSS Good Housekeeping in Plant Encourages Cleanliness on the Part of the Employees— Dirt Responsible for the Spread of Fires JOHN WESLEY might have been thinking of fire prevention when he said, “Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness.” Certainly filthiness is very closely related to the fire demon. Cleanliness is a habit, even as filthiness is a habit. Habits, as deeply rooted as those, are not changed in a day nor without effort on the part of the individual or individuals concerned. The street urchin does not suddenly decide to take a bath and thereafter keep himself clean. Neither does the owner of a poorly kept plant order his foreman to clean up and keep the place clean and get results. Habits are too well formed to be broken with so little effort. Let us consider for a…

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