New Fire Extinguisher Wheels

Issue 21 and Volume 80.

New Fire Extinguisher Wheels A built-up steel wheel with grooved convex tires is the latest development in wheels for fire extinguishers. They are made by French & Hecht of Davenport, Iowa, and Springfield, Ohio. The illustration shows in a general way the steel spoke wheel with a steel hub which has a cast iron bearing box. The wheel illustrated is fifty inches in diameter with spokes 9/16 inch in diameter. The tire is grooved convex 2 1/2 inch wide and 1/4 inch thick. As the wheel rolls on the pavement, the spoke ends of the spokes do not come in contact so that the wheel rolls smoothly without any vibration. The wheels have monogramed caps over the ends of the hubs with the name of the extinguisher manufacturer placed thereon. These wheels are being furnished in various diameters. T h e approximate same general design applies to wheels with diameters…

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