Issue 21 and Volume 80.

FALSE ALARMS Drawing by Art Espy FIREMAN’S COURSE For the benefit of the rookie, this is what is known as “hose menders.” MISMANAGEMENT The townspeople of a South Dakota village were in the local court in full force to hear the case of the city versus one of the fire department members who had been injured in a collision. There was considerable interest in the case for several members of the department were hurt when two trucks collided on their way to a fire. Olie Olsen, a civilian, who happened to see the smash-up, was on the witness stand. “You say,” thundered the lawyer, “at ten o’clock that night you were approaching the crossing and that you saw two fire trucks coming down different streets and neither one blowing its siren.” “Yes,” said Ole. “And just as each truck got to the crossing each blew its siren.” “Yah,” said Ole.…

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