Runs Into Cloud to Put Out Fire

Issue 21 and Volume 80.

Runs Into Cloud to Put Out Fire New means of extinguishing fire have been revealed by Lieut, Emilio Carranza who made the first non-stop flight from Mexico City to Juarez. The one weak point of the plan is that the arrangement is not always dependable. While flying over an isolated section after he had covered about half of the 1,200 miles from Mexico City, a wing of his plane in which 400 liters of gasoline was stored, caught fire. As Lieut. Carranza prepared to use his parachute, he noticed a black gloud indicating a rainstorm was in progress a short distance off his course. He headed for the cloud and the rain extinguished the fire. Many Have National Standard Thread—About forty per cent of total number of fire protected cities in the United States have adopted the National standard thread for fire hose and hydrants.

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