Firemen Revive Gas Victim

Issue 23 and Volume 80.

Firemen Revive Gas Victim Training that Captain William Kinary of Albany, N. Y., received in the New York Fire College under Chief Dougherty is directly responsible for the saving of a man who was overcome by gas in his home. The victim came home early in the morning and he started the gas range to get warm. He became sick in a few moments and collapsed to the floor. His wife found him on the floor and some man called the fire department. Members of the company that responded applied the Schaefer method of resuscitation until another company arrived with an inhalator. The men under Captain Kinary worked on him for an hour and forty-five minutes. They applied oxygen to the victim in his home, while he was in the ambulance being transferred to the hospital and even while he was in the hospital, and after that time, the victim…

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