Capt. Lynch of New York Killed

Issue 23 and Volume 80.

Capt. Lynch of New York Killed Another officer in the New York Fire Department has died in his line of duty. Captain David M. Lynch, a young officer thirty-seven years old and with a promising career before him, died as the result of an accident when he fell beneath the fire apparatus. As the truck slowed up at a fire, Lynch jumped from the truck, but he slipped, fell and his foot became caught between the truck and the curbstone. He was immediately rushed to the Beekman street hospital, where at first it was thought the entire foot would have to be amputated. Later examination revealed that only the two crushed toes would have to be cut. The captain had been under ether for 1 3/4 hours. He became nauseous, and as Dr. Harry Archer stated, conditions were just ripe for the development of pneumonia. He was fed oxygen, and…

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